Andy’s Tiny House

While working as a framer at Method Homes in Bellingham, Washington, snowboarder Andy Bergin-Sperry built his own 102-square-foot tiny house. He built the house in his spare time, primarily using the scrap pile from his employer.

Built on a 14.5′ double axle trailer, the tiny house has 2″x3″ wall construction, a metal roof, and a mix of corrugated metal and cedar siding. Inside, Andy used bamboo flooring, clear hemlock siding, and birch plywood ceiling panels. Since he’s using this trailer as a home base while he snowboards, he made sure it was well-insulated with R-30 walls and ceiling and a ridged foam floor.

The kitchen includes a double sink, under counter refrigerator, and upper and lower cabinets. A Zebrawood dining table folds flat against the wall when not in use. He wanted to keep most water outside, so he has a solar shower bag and doesn’t have a bathroom in his house.

Andy’s full size bed is built on a platform with cabinets underneath. Behind the bed is a mural created by his friend, Eric Hedberg.

The tiny house weighs only 5,200lbs when fully loaded.

Exterior photo credit: Tim Zimmerman. Interior photo credits: Dylan Hallet.

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