Another Aloha

I think I have a problem, I bought yet another trailer. This is my 5th trailer purchase. Some might say it’s getting out of hand! I am excited, yet again though. This travel trailer is the exact same model as the one we remodeled 8 years ago. That one was intended to be our micro … Read more

What We’re Shopping for this Holiday Season

We’re old hat at this minimalist family thing. After twelve years in 232 s.f. We have a flow down about ‘stuff’. With the big consumer holiday right around the corner, I thought it was a pertinent time to share how we approach gift giving with the kids again, now that we’re swiftly approaching those tween … Read more

An Updated Tour

Every couple of years I realize that a bunch of things have changed about our house. Sometimes it might be ‘we’re pregnant again and so inclosing the patio.’ Other times it might be ‘we moved 300 miles and are now off grid.’ I think this is the most profound change so far, it’s the ‘we … Read more

Dog Daze

Our beloved Denver Dog walked gently over the Rainbow Bridge on May 10th, just a couple weeks past his tenth birthday. For a Great Dane he was pretty ancient. For our adored family member, he was far too young to leave us. It has been several months but I still remember the day well. I … Read more

Tiny House Patterns

I have been noticing a major change within the tiny house community. These changes are concerning but I don’t really know what to do to help anymore. I am open to ideas. I will preface this by saying that I don’t run a ‘tiny house business’. It’s never been my intent to make money from … Read more

A-frame pod cabins

A-frame pod cabins are quickly becoming a popular choice for holiday accommodations, and for good reason. These cozy, stylish cabins are perfect for those looking for a unique and comfortable stay in nature. As a supplier of A-frame pod cabins based in Melbourne, Australia, we have seen first-hand how these cabins can elevate any holiday … Read more

A-Frame Backyard Pod

A Frame Kit Pods

A-Frame cabins can be a great choice for those looking to add a backyard pod to their property. Here are a few of the benefits of using an A-Frame cabin as a backyard pod: In conclusion, A-Frame cabins can be a great choice for those who are looking to add a backyard pod to their … Read more

why an A Frame Kit Home

why an A-Frame Kit Home

A-Frame Kit homes are an affordable and convenient solution for those who are looking to build their dream home. They are a type of prefabricated house that is made of lightweight and durable materials, making them an ideal choice for people who want a comfortable and stylish home without spending a lot of money. The … Read more

A-Frame Kit Cabins and AirBnB


A-Frame cabins can offer a number of advantages for those who are looking to use them as an Airbnb rental property. Here are a few of the key benefits: Overall, A-Frame cabins can be a great choice for those who are looking to start an Airbnb rental business. With their unique design, cost-effectiveness, easy maintenance, … Read more