French Storyteller by Tiny Idahomes

French Storyteller is a gorgeous tiny house built by Tiny Idahomes.

This 28′ tiny house features white board and batten siding with gingerbread trim and custom built window shutters with heart cut outs on all windows. The shutters are black on the outside and metallic blue on the inside. The front door is the same metallic blue. There is a 3′ porch that is covered by one of the lofts.

Inside are two lofts. The first is a 7′ loft above the porch and kitchen with custom built stairs with drawers and a ladder attached to the wall. The second is the 9′ master bedroom loft located over the bathroom, which is accessed by custom built L-shape recessed stairs. A split queen bed with individual adjustments provide zero gravity positions.

Throughout the main part of the house is weathered oak charlotte vinyl flooring. In the bathroom is an Ofuro soaking tub and sink with translucent LED-lit Corian stand.

For more information you can contact Tiny Idahomes.

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