Outlander Tiny House

Price: $65,000

Location: Redding

The Outlander – 300+ sq feet of eco, non toxic tiny home. The interior is finished with low / no VOC finishes and adhesives, creating an environment that is safe for people with allergies, athsma, and more “triggered” breathing problems. Not to mention, it is also much better for the environment.

Next Gen Construction – The Outlander is constructed using state of the art SIPs (structural insulated panels). Each SIP is two wood panels, which encapsulate a foam insulation / structural interior. Homes using this construction technology are stronger, straighter, and up to 60% more energy efficient than traditional “stick” (2×4 or 2×6) construction. Benefits also include faster construction time, more environmentally friendly construction, and much lower energy consumption to heat / cool the house.

Every Outlander is built to NFPA standards and ANSI codes, which means it can be NOAH certified (noahcertified.org) (additional charge for certification).

Efficient – Every Outlander comes outfitted with all the appliances you need for everyday living. All appliances are Energy Star certified for efficiency, and offer the best energy savings. Heating the house is a slim convection wall heater, which heats as well as it looks. A single unit, split ac / heater with external condenser is available as an option.

Roomy – The 10×24 Outlander gives 300+sq ft of interior space, which means plenty of space for you and yours. The dual loft is serviced by a lovely staircase that doubles as a storage cabinet.

Ease of Use – Once your Outlander is delivered, simply plug in electricity from existing source or solar system, run waste hose into existing system or portable gray tank, and plug in your fresh water hose and you are ready to live!

More options avail: composting toilet, incinerating toilet, farmhouse sink, tub / shower combo, more!

Contact seller: https://redding.craigslist.org/fod/d/outlander-tiny-house-sip/6425308258.html

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