Sakura by Minimaliste

The Sakura is a great tiny house built by Quebec, Canada-based Minimaliste. The 10.5′ wide house totals 380-square-feet including the main floor and loft space.

The exterior siding is white cedar with a blue steel accent piece over the gooseneck. There is also an 80-square-foot red cedar rooftop terrace that is accessible through the loft skylight!

The tiny house features heated vinyl flooring, white pine walls, and a stained ceiling. The bedroom is located above the gooseneck, allowing for significantly more headroom than a traditional loft. In the middle of the house is the living area with a butterfly table that converts between a 30″ coffee table and a 60″ dinner table that can accommodate four people.

The kitchen includes a freestanding range and refrigerator along one wall and a sink and washer/dryer combo along the opposite wall. Above the range and refrigerator is an extension of the loft, which provides an extra 20-square-feet of space.

More information about you can find on Minimaliste website.

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