Verve Lux by TruForm Tiny

Verve Lux is a beautiful tiny house by designer TruForm Tiny. The tiny house is 16-feet long and has room for all the essentials including a kitchen, bathroom, and living room that converts to the bedroom.

Large picture windows in the living room help the tiny house feel larger than it really is. An L-shaped couch converts into a queen size bed, or you can opt for a hydraulic lift bed. At the foot of the bed is room for storage or an elevator TV stand.

The kitchen includes a two-burner cooktop with hood, an under-counter refrigerator, sink, upper cabinets, and a full-height pantry. A small table for two is set up in front of a large window.

In the bathroom is a shower, flush toilet, and sink. The toilet sits in a pop-out over the trailer tongue, allowing for extra space to move around.

The Verve Lux comes with a fold down deck and detachable awning. The tiny home is available in 16-foot, 20-foot, and 22-foot lengths. TruForm also has a smart house kit available for this model.

Prices start at $45,900. You can contact TruForm Tiny for more information.

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